Photos and videos from Google photos will not paste

Took photos from my cell, which go to Google photos automatically, and took photos on my mirrorless camera, which then file under Camera Imports. When I use the photos and video from Camera Imports, they populate okay in the Shotcut playlist. But the photos in Google photos, after downloading them and try to drag and drop them from their created file into Shotcut, they don’t appear. I think I am overlooking one step. Can someone help me. Thank you.

This doesn’t work, you’ll have to copy them to a local disk first.

I just tried dragging a file from Google Photos to the playlist. It pops up a window that stays active until you close it. I then manage to add it to the timeline, but when I try to add a filter it says that the source is not seekable. I then acknowledge this and Shotcut crashes.

Thank you. I tried this procedure, and it works okay:

  1. Check tiny box in the upper left corner of the photo in Google Photos
  2. From the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of Google Photos, choose “download.” Upon doing that, you should see the photo drop down to the lower left of the browser you are working off of.
  3. Hover over that dropped file (it might say DSC…jpeg). Right click, and choose the option “show in folder.” When the folder appears with the picture in question, then that picture can be dragged into Shotcut.
    I want to say, that Shotcut, at least for me, who takes cycling videos with a GoPro, and does collages with a mirrorless camera, Shotcut is way better than Davinci. DaVinci takes too much processing power, and I never got the hang of color grading with it. Shotcut, after watching a few YouTube clips allows easy color grading. That’s my three cents. Thanks.
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If you have a device that saves GPS data while you are cycling you might want to display that on your videos. See here for for more info:

And here for a YouTube video that incorporates it:

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A most delightful neighborhood to cycle in, with a mixture of old and new, and a quiet ambiance. Thanks for the video.

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