Perspective Correction of a Video Clip

Is it possible to make perspective correction on a video clip (make verticals truly vertical etc.)?

I have seen how to get rid of fisheye, but now I need to correct the perspective.

Any help appreciated.

Hi @BazzaBoy
Try the Corner Pin filter.


Thanks MusicalBox.

Looks like that’s the one. I will definitely give it a try.

Have a nice day.

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I think the grid will be an additional help but it would be nice if Shotcut had movable guides like in graphics programs. If these movable guides had the ability to change the angle of position and the center of rotation, it would be a miracle, honey and nuts.

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A perfect topic for the Suggestions category. I don’t think guides are on the Road Map.

You’re welcome @BazzaBoy. I hope this works for you.
I adjusted the perspective on an image. That was easy to do. Might be trickier on a video clip though if the perspective changes. You’ll need to use keyframes.

I think so quietly too, that’s why I didn’t start a new thread in suggestions. I think that the actual use of such a possibility by users (usefulness) and the workload may have a weak, negative balance of profits (use) to losses (programmer’s workload).
Ordinary, movable guides without the ability to change the position of the center of rotation and angle could have a balanced balance. There is a big difference between a static and a dynamic, moving image. Maybe it’s worth considering though…I don’t know.

We both have the same point of view here (train of thought).

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