"Pc ran into problem and needs to restart" error after installing shortcut on windows

I just downloaded and installed latest version of shortcut 64bit for my windows 10 64bit and when I opened my videos on the timeline All of sudden windows goes into blue screen of death and gives error “Pc ran into problem and needs to restart”.

My config:
Core i5 6th gen
8gig Ram ddr4
AMD readon M330 2gb

Where did you download Shotcut from?

Have I read correctly, you already have video parts in the timeline when it happens?
Maybe too less RAM…

Good point, however he does mention 64 bit and 8GB of RAM.
That being said, if the OP is trying to open several videos of 4K, then yes, problem.

I have had SC crash on me (very few times) when used it on Windows, but never had a BSOD.

Next time it happens, could you tell us what the stop code was? It is usually at the bottom of the blue screen and can say things like “IQRL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL” or watchdog errors and things like that. Using this information, we would be able to get a better idea of what is causing the error.

OK, this is a problem with Windows, a driver, or your hardware, not Shotcut. Shotcut simply may have been the trigger. Restart and try again.

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