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I’m a Stop-Motion creator and I’ve been pausing frames by exporting them and dropping them in to essentially pause on that frame. It is very time consuming and not resource efficient at all. A filter that would allow for pausing or extending the last frame of a clip would be awesome for a budget stop-motion maker like myself.

I did check the roadmap and couldn’t find anything similar to my knowledge.

This might not be satisfactory, but you could split the last frame by using the Split at Playhead tool above the timeline. Then, select that single split frame at the end, and click Properties panel and change the speed for that frame to something much less than 1. Then you can drag its edge to the right on the timeline to extend its length.

Of course if you were working with image sequences, you could just make one of the images longer on the timeline.

Use the time remap or speed forward filter

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Can you tell us more about your media? For stop-motion, I would expect that you are dealing with an image sequence. Some of the speed features that people are suggesting are not available for image sequences. But maybe you have a different work flow.


I make the animation in a Stop-Motion app on my phone and then export that to my PC to edit it to shotcut. It saves a lot of time manually placing frames and it allows for onionskinning in the app for more accurate animation. So I’ll try some of the suggestions later today.

In that case, I would recommend the time remap filter. You can use keyframes to map past a frame (skip), or make a frame to multiple output frames (duplicate).


This works wonders, thanks!

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If you want to repeat the last frame of the source clip all you need to do is increase Properties > Duration

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