Pasting image from clipboard straight into timeline or playlist

I wanted to make a commentary video with more images downloaded from google, but found the process a little bit tedious - download image into directory, go to shotcut, open image (finding it on the exact place in directory), drag into playlist, drag onto timeline.

If I could just copy from google (right click and copy image), go to shotcut and copy it into Timeline. It would be super helpful and the whole process would be faster for me. Then image could be automatically copied to some directory where project is saved and automatically added to playlist?

If you drag the image from your browser into the Playlist, that will work

Unfortunatelly, on Linux Mint 21.3, on drag it showed “Overwrite”, but when I released it on timeline, Shotcut crashed.

Shotcut version 24.01.28

Okay, my perspective was from Win11 on 24.02.29

I’m also on Windows, so maybe that would not work the same on Linux, but if I wanted to quickly add many images from Google (or any other site) to Shotcut, here’s what I’d do:

  • Create a folder on my computer (or use an existing one) and open it.
  • Drag the images one by one from my browser to that folder.
    (no need to actually right-click + download)
  • Organize them if needed (rename them, sort them etc)
  • Launch Shotcut.
  • Select all the images in the folder.
  • Drag them in the Playlist, or in the Timeline.