Parks and Recreation meets The Orville

My son is a big fan of the TV series Parks and Recreation. For his last birthday I asked his wife to secretly shoot a few video clips of him doing random things around the house. I used these clips to recreate the intro of Parks & Rec. The result was pretty hilarious and he loved it.

Needless to say, there is a lot of keyframes manipulations packed into this 20 seconds intro and I’ve been wanting for a while to show the video here on the forum. Like many other videos posted here it’s a good example of what can be achieved with Shotcut and a little patience. But since my son is a bit paranoid about having pics or videos of him on the internet, I took advantage of the free time provided by the COVID-19 to do it again, using clips form another TV series : The Orville.

So if you are fans of Parks and Recreation and The Orville and/or fans of keyframe gymnastics, I think you’ll enjoy this :slight_smile:


@MusicalBox - Your keyframe gymnastics produced a stunning result! I did indeed enjoy this. Brilliant, and a really cool idea to show the original title next to your version for comparison. Hats off to you for recreating the original title so perfectly. Pretty much frame-by frame perfect actually! Thanks for posting and showing off the power Shotcut’s keyframing capabilities… :+1: :+1:

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Thank you @jonray !

Wow, I’m impressed @MusicalBox! Amazing to see what you produced with Shotcut!

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Thanks @stgtravels. It’s nice to demonstrate that you don’t absolutely need expensive software to get results that looks like what professionals do. Your videos are an even better proof of that. I just copied what already exist. I wish I had your creative talent as well.

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