Parallel Processing does what?


a short question:
What exactly does parallel processing?

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Read the FAQ and

Maybe I do not understand…
This is for the preview in the source player…<?>.

I thought, my question is in the case of exporting…, because the Check-Box is AFAIK only available in that export dialog window… :thinking:
So I’m wondering, if maybe the export is slowed down with unchecked Parallel Processing, because of maybe not using multi cores …

From the doc page:

When this is option is off it turns on the same thing as Export > Advanced > Video > Parallel processing .

Maybe, but it all depends and not easy to answer because many variables in projects and systems.

So let’s stay with the export part…

In my case, with my I3-6100 (3,7 GHz, 2 cores) I cannot recognize any difference in speed.
But I have currently “only” that I3.
What it currently does to me, I avoid maybe export graphics issues (if, while export, Parallel Processing is unchecked)…
And I’m still wondering what that Parallel Processing does (in case of export)…, or is meant for.

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