Panning 4K for HD output

OK, I can crop 4K source for 1080 output, but is there a way to pan and zoom?

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Hi, yes there is but is not easy to find by name. Go to the video Rotate effect, there you can zoom and move the image around not only rotate the image. Maybe the developers can change the name of the effect to Rotate/Zoom/Pan.

The correct filter to use is Size & Position. The additional parameters in Rotate are there only to support the result of rotation without having to add an additional filter, which is heavier. Not going to rename Rotate.

Thank you for clarifying. I understand that you don’t want to change the name but if I want to zoom in the only way I known within Shotcut is with the Rotate filter and I can also pan the image there.

zoom = make bigger or smaller = size
position = pan

Actually, both of these Shotcut filters use the same filter from the engine (“affine” in MLT). However, they give different UIs where Size & Position suffers this bug for some. They could be eventually consolidated and rotation handles added to the visual UI tool. But then, we need to deal with naming and discovery because people may want to locate it under rotate, size, position, pan, zoom, or even transform. So, any work in this area is likely going to wait until the filter chooser is improved with search, categories, description, etc.

Thanks for the replies, I know about those two filters.
What I want a slow pan from [say] left to right, so I’d need to set a start and end point plus a time in seconds.
Same with zoom, I don’t want to make the image bigger in one step I want a slow zoom-in. I guess it would be more accurate to say ‘magnify’, which is what optical zoom does. So I’d need to set a magnify percent over a time in seconds.


Hi Steve, what you are describing is not yet available in Shotcut. For that you need something called keyframes which is one of the top things in the roadmap of Shocut. For now one alternative for you is to use Kdenlive for the effect you describe.

Thanks, but I’m a Windows user. :slight_smile:

It’s never too late to start using Linux and nowadays it’s easy enough. You would be up and running rapidly. :slight_smile:

Been there done that. Never again.

There does seem to be a Windows version though, but you need to additionally download FFmpeg.

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On Widows you can use also openshot
or ffDiaporama

OpenShot is incredibly slow for me, even the latest version that claims to be 10x faster!