Pan entire vertically oriented photo, filling space horizontally

Hi, any tips on the best way to do this? I have a stitched panorama photo that is 3579 width x 4081 height and I have my video mode at 2160p. I would like to adjust the image to either fill the 3840 width, or just use the full width of the photo 1:1 so 3579 since that would probably be sharpest. And I would like to pan from top to bottom.

I’ve Googled around and read these-

I see I can use the Crop filter and check the Center box and it will fill the width, great. The next step I try is the Size and Position filter preset for Slow Pan Down, but it only includes a small part of the vertical change so a lot of the photo is not seen.

It seems I need to speed up the panning. Or maybe crop actually cropped off the top and bottom and I won’t get it back this way.

So I remove Crop. Then I try Rotate and Scale. I can scale up to 200% and it nearly fills the width then. Original was 3579x4081 which was already scaled to height 2160. I calculate width then was 1894.3004. So 200% of that is width 3788.6008 which is close to 3840 like I see. But this is neither 1:1 of the original image, nor filling the width.

Ok, maybe I try for 1:1. I calculate 188.9352% will get my width back to the original 3579. It lets me type in 188.9%. But I don’t really know what Shotcut is doing with these fractions. It may not be 1:1. Can I see pixel dimensions anywhere on this Rotate and Scale filter?

Anyway, from here I try Size and Position so I can add panning, but strangely as soon as I choose the filter, it crops to only the left half of the image and I’m stuck.

How can I accomplish this? Thanks for any help!

You could create a custom video mode with a resolution of 3579x4081, shotcut will adjust that to 3580x4082 and import your image. that should put the entire image in the viewing area.


Here is the context - I plan to create a 3840x2160 video for TV viewing and it will have a bunch of other photos and videos in a slideshow. For the photos, I’d like to do various pan and zoom. This is just one I’m starting with to figure out the process. I’m learning.

I guess I could create a video just for this one image first and try your method. Export that. Then I’d put that video in the slideshow (rather than the still photo). But maybe I’d have the same problem panning the whole thing across the 3840x2160 viewing area.

All right, I had some time to work on this more and I was able to figure out how to make the Size and Position filter parameters that I needed to pan this photo while filling the 3840x2160 screen.

A really big help were some videos from Tux Designer, especially this one about Keyframes -

After seeing that, I was able to create the keyframe, and then play around with the size and position filter values to get a smooth pan/zoom from the beginning of the image display to the end.

Now that I know how it works, I can do whichever pan/zoom combination I want. I still don’t know what Keyframes are, what that word means, but now I know how to use that feature. It’s not an obvious thing. In the Keyframe, I drag the beginning black dot all the way across the item so that it is just one single pan/zoom throughout the entire duration of the image based on whatever parameters I have in for size and position…

For this 3579x4081 image that I wanted to fill width and pan down from top to bottom… here is what I did -
With the image selected in the timeline, I added a filter Size and Position. Then Keyframes shows up. In Keyframes, I grab the top left black dot and drag it all the way to the right. At this point, it is a matter of choosing the correct 4 values for size and position at the beginning and 4 values at the end. Make sure you are at the beginning in the Keyframes (using the play head vertical line in Keyframes area). If you are not at the beginning or end, the size and position parameters will not be editable. Here I changed the y-value to fill to 3840 width. I found that changing the y-value allows you to change the size (aka zoom). Changing the x-value did not seem to do anything. Since I want to fill the width, that would normally be the x coordinate. But since that doesn’t work, I have to calculate the proper y coordinate to match the x coordinate I need. 3840/? = 3579/4081 Solve for ? and get 4378.6, so 4379 is good enough. I set that in the y field under Size and then the image fills the width! The image is already positioned at the top with position at 0,0 so that’s good. Now we need to adjust the size and position at the end, so move the playhead in Keyframes to the end. Then set the same y-value of 4379 so that it will also be the correct width at the end. And we need to change the position so the image shows the bottom. The image is 4081 tall but it is now scaled to be 4379 tall, and the play window is 2160 tall. We need to position the image to be 2160 - 4379 = -2219 for the y-value so that the bottom of the image is aligned with the bottom of the play window. And that’s it.

Actually I went back and decided the 3579 width is close enough to 3840 that I should just keep the width at 3579 for quality reasons so that did change some of what I had above. I then had the beginning just be the original height 4081, and height 4081 at the end also. And ending position was 4081 - 2160 = -1921. I also included a little x position at both beginning and end to center it.

I uploaded a video so you can see the result for yourself -

From here, I have begun to do other kinds of pan and zoom with the other required calculations. For example I have done a pan and zoom that holds the top or bottom of the image on the top or bottom of the frame, while zooming between showing full image (with black bars on left and right) to filling the frame width. The presets under Size and Position offer some options, but not many. Coming from Movie Maker, I believe that had available useful combinations of zoom in/zoom out/no zoom along with pan to top/bottom/left/right/top-right/top-left/bottom-right/bottom-left/none. That was about 22 combinations. Shotcut’s stock presets under Size and Position cover 10 combinations.

So I learned to make my own presets to fill in the gaps. However, since I have to set the size and position, my presets are only appropriate for images with the same dimensions. For example, if start with a 4000x3000 photo and I use Keyframes and make a pan/zoom that zooms in from showing the full image to filling the 3840 width and holds the top the image at the top of the frame with no x direction panning, and I save that as a new preset… then that only is a good fit for other 4000x3000 photos. As a result, I think I will make presets for my most common photo dimensions and then customize it individually for the others if I want. This will eventually be a lot of new presets!

I found I wanted to copy the presets I had on my Mac laptop to my Windows desktop. I looked up where presets are saved here - . I see that directory under Windows, but I don’t seem to have the same directory on my Mac. I can only get to ~/Library/Application Support. There is no Meltytech or Shotcut in there.

So how can I find my presets files on my Mac? Are they stored somewhere else now or is there something I can’t see?

I have a different approach…
Set video mode: 2018-11-21_03-10-39
Use the Rotate & Scale filter.

(The red arrow indicates I didn’t perfectly position the image)

Used Keyframes just on the Y offset.
Hit the Home key, position where you want to start. Get close with the sliders, then hover your mouse over the number value then use scroll wheel for adjustment. Select the spot where you want the next position to be at, then set that value. You can drag them or delete them as your choosing. I’m just learning the value of keyframes as well. :slight_smile:

Here is the images I used.
The one you don’t see is the 3840x2160 to detect the edges.

The one you do see.

After export

3840x2160 verticle.mlt (5.3 KB)

Shotcut 18.11.18

There is a way to make your presets adaptive to different resolutions. This thread might help you with that.
Question about the new Size and Posiition keyframed presets

Here’s a demo of a pan and zoom. I set the project to 1920x1080. The image is 5767x2855. Used the 10% zoom and the grid to center the image and then started panning.

Panorama.mlt (11.4 KB)

You can download the image here


@Hudson555x @sauron
Awesome. Thanks for the replies! I’m glad I’m not just shooting in the dark here.

Yeah I guess it makes sense that you can do this with Rotate and Scale also since there is scale (like size) and x,y position. When I started playing with this, I figured that finding a scale % would just be an extra calculation, have decimals, and make things tougher. And I like to have exact numbers, more control I guess. I’ll give it a try your way to see how it goes.

And huge thanks to both of you for whipping up images/videos/project and showing some of your method.

That’s great to hear about the possibility of adaptive Size and Position presets. I will definitely read that thread.

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