Pan and Zoom an image

In older versions this appeared easier as there was a scale function. Newer editions leave me confused.

I have a panoramic image of a football team that is 10 times wider than its height.

To properly see the players I wish to start with a zoomed image of the left side and pan over to the right side in about 10 seconds.

I have searched YT and while I can find some thing for videos…nothing for still images.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Working with a Video Mode of 1920x1080
I have an image that is 4000x1500

Size, Position & Rotate filter
Set Size mode to Fit
Zoom your image to 1080 (Max Video Mode height)
Set Position to 0,0
Click on the Keyframes icon

Select end Keyframe position
Set Position to -950,0

Shotcut 23.05.07


Many thanks Hudson… I will try this tonight !

Works great…thanks again


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