PAL sd 720x576i DVCAM video editing in 1080p25 project

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I want to edit old PAL 720x576i DVCAM videos in a 1080p25 project. Do I have to deal with the deinterlacing settings, or will the program render the best possible progressive export according to the 1080p25 project setting if I set nothing but the bitrate?

Shotcut will deinterlace the video automatically.

“Good enough” quality:
Use default export settings, which will use the YADIF deinterlacer.

“Even better” quality:
Set the project video mode to 1080p50 so all temporal data is retained at the field level.

“Maximum” quality:
Use the Convert to Edit-Friendly feature on the source footage and check the Deinterlace checkbox in Advanced settings. This will use the bwdif Bob-Weaver deinterlace method instead of YADIF. If necessary, override the frame rate to 50fps.

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Thank you so much Austin!
If I understand correctly, the latter option does not deinterlace, but displays the two half-images separately as a full image, so the final result will be 50p?

All options deinterlace in some manner to create a progressive result. At 25p, the fields are smashed together into one frame, which loses temporal resolution and creates combing artefacts that the deinterlacer has to mitigate. At 50p, the deinterlacer is fabricating picture data for the missing fields. The quality of those fabricated fields is what changes when using YADIF vs bwdif, with bwdif being pretty much the best that can be done.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

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