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I noticed I needed to download Shutcut manually via github and unpack it. Why is Shotcut not part of any official repository (Package manager) under Debian/Ubuntu based operating systems?

Linux Mint is one of the most popular distro’s. It would be awesome if you just can install the latest version via Software Center or Synaptic, just like all other packages.

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Melroy van den Berg

I definitely support this request. If anyone knows how to make it to an official repository (just like pitivi) that would be great.

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For Debian based distributions (incl. Ubuntu and Linux Mint) *.deb files are the standard.

Since, I’m a “NEW” user I can only post 2 links so here you go.

Full Guides:

Can you start testing first via PPA if you want, or you directly ask permission to the official repository.

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Hi Dan,

OK, so first this page needs to be updated with this information:

(please, remove directly, which give 404).

Moreover, deb-multimedia is not part of Debian or affiliated with Debian in any way, read:

PPA is not an official repository either (ps. I think this PPA is running in Debug mode by default also :confused: by looking at the terminal output). So again, wouldn’t it be nice if Shotcut is just part of the official repository or Debian / Ubuntu / Linux Mint to start with?

I look forward to your answer.

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In my 16 years of writing software for Linux that appears in distro repos, I have never been the one who makes the packages. I do not want to maintain so many versions of software stacks, different packaging systems, and deal with users reporting problems using really old packages they cannot upgrade. I do not want to test, troubleshoot, and debug every user’s particular combination of versions of dependencies. I am a long time Linux desktop user, and I know the pros and cons of the software package repository approach. It seems others are coming to similar realizations with the advent of things such as docker, snaps, and flatpak. Others who are enthusiastic about packages and repos can decide to submit and maintain packages.

Too bad about the broken link, I will fix it soon.