Oversized video

So I exported a 10 minute mp4 today, using the default settings (libx264 and AAC)… and ended up with a 1.2 GB video???

The previous video I made (with the exact same settings) was about 50 MB for 3 minutes, so I was expecting something around 150-200, maybe 300 MB…

I am baffled, to say the least.

Now I did use many more filters on this video. In fact, I applied three from the ‘old film’ category to nearly every shot. Could this be the reason for the size?

And, more importantly, is there any way I can compress this to a smaller size? I’m planning to upload it to YouTube after I’m done fixing a few things, but I’m concerned they’ll refuse a video that big!

I had a similar question not long ago. Here’s the answer I got.
When exporting, on the Codec tab:

  1. Set Rate Control = “Average Bitrate”
  2. Set Bitrate = “1M”
    Click “dual pass” if you want the extra quality boost. If you want an even smaller file, choose a lower bitrate."
    This did work.
    In my experience, for whatever reason, Avidemux allows you to generate smaller files with less image degradation. You might want to create your final version in Shotcut, then use Avidemux to reduce the file size.
    There are a couple of Shotcut export codecs/file types that supposedly are better than mp4 for this type of thing but I haven’t done it that way and I don’t know what they are.
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The maximum file size you can upload to YouTube is 128GB.

Upload videos longer than 15 minutes - Computer - YouTube Help

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I upload multi GB videos to youtube whenever I do! 1.2GB is nothing these days.

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Indeed it did! I just tried this and though it amusingly took longer to export than the 1.2 GB video (I guess it takes a long time to compress, heh) I ended up with a 94,2 MB file in the end! So that’s much better. Even runs more smoothly than the previous.

Thanks for that!

And sorry for the late reply, BTW, been very busy with a big project and hadn’t had time to work on that video until just now.

Just wow! I suspect a video that big would likely make my browser crash, if not the computer, LOL.

Thank you all for your answers, guys!