Overlaying two .mov files removes their alpha channels?

So I have two .mov files, each with their own alpha channels, and I want to combine the two. The problem is, after I put one on top of the other and export as another .mov, it fills the would-be transparent background of the render with black. Why? I’ve tried Open Other>Color>transparent and that doesn’t change anything.

Hi @radzo73, sorry for late reply, just saw your post. If you apply a Blend Mode filter to your .mov files, and set it to “Add”, you should find that the transparent parts of the .mov files will show through allowing you to stack them.

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Thanks for the idea, but it doesn’t work? I added the filter to both .mov files, and any frame (exported) where both are shown still results in a black background. (Frames where only one is shown properly uses a transparent background) This is the same behavior as when there is no Blend Mode filter applied.

Hi @radzo73 - I made this very quick test showing MOV files stacked up on top of each other and how they look after toggling the blend filter. Haven’t got time to explain further but I hope this may shed a light on your problem. I hope you can see the detail …

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