Overlay Text Transitions

I know how to make overlay text pop onto the screen over background video, and to make text fade in over background video.

It would be cool if other transitions could be used to bring in text overlays. Typewriter and zoom effects come to mind as well as conventional wipes and slides.

It would also be cool to make text scroll/crawl horizontally or vertically? Or can Shotcut already do this and I haven’t discovered it yet?

It can. :slight_smile:

Here’s how to make text scroll:


And have you seen @jonray’s great video tutorials on doing text in Shotcut?


He also made a detailed 4 part series on working with HTML for text. It’s the only video tutorial of its kind about HTML regarding Shotcut that I know about:





He has even more tutorials on his youtube channel.

There is a lot of stuff available for using the Text: HTML (or as it used to be called Overlay HTML) filter, including titles, typewriter effects, flying text, exploding images, WrbGL transitions, CSS3 animations, etc… See http://www.elusien.co.uk/shotcut/ for examples. Also, search the posts for “HTML”.

Did you try the presets of the text filter? There are various pan and zoom types available.