Overlay multiple videos

I’ve been trying to have 1 video in the corner playing while the other plays full screen in the background -similar to the video gaming style- by using the Size and Position filter.

But when using it and overlaying the videos, I can only see one at any time. If if hide either, I can tell each is in the correct formatting, and cannot figure out why it is not showing both. I have also double checked that the field order is correct (Bottom Field First -so that the clip I want as the corner video is on bottom).

Please view

videoS will be the shrunk pic in pic in the corner
videoF will be the other that plays full screen

add 2 video tracks.
when I do it, V2 is above V1.
V2 has compositing turned off (3rd icon in Mute, Hide, Composite, Lock)
V1 has compositing turned on (icon is 3 layers stacked up)

drop videoS on V2, videoF on V1
select V2
add filter, Size and Position, Preset, Lower Right

In the project viewer, you should see what you described.

(which is about what the video Steve recommended shows.)

Ahh, I was missing the compositing mark. Thank you for that!