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I am new to Shotcut and using version 21.10.31.

Can someone explain to me how to access “Overlay HTML”?


Hi - unfortunately this feature was discontinued a long time ago. The last version with this feature was 20_07 (July 2020), and in this version it had been renamed to “Text:HTML (deprecated)”.

It’s OK to still use that version though if you need that feature.

You can download SC 20_07 from here.

(Scroll down).

Suggestion - download the portable (zip) version. Then you can run it from that (unzipped) folder without having to install it over your current version. Then choose which version of SC to use.

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Hi Jonray,

Thank you for information…

I already downloaded shotcut.win64-211031.zip but not sure what the next step.

Can you explain to me?


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Just unzip the ZIP file (or right-click it in Windows Explorer and “Extract All”). Then just run the unzipped “shotcut.exe” file.

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Thank you.


There are other solutions besides using the old (WebVfx-enabled) Shotcut version, such as using OBS Studio to record the animation and importing the recording into Shotcut. See here for more information:

You may also be interested in:

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