Overlay HTML on all tracks

I have an HTML overlay I created that is a sort of news ticker I’d like to scroll across the bottom of the entire video. My timeline has three video tracks. Is there a consistent way to overlay the HTML to the entire video?

Things I’ve tried:
Applying it to each clip individually restarts the animation each time.
Adding a transparent color layer renders the HTML transparent.
Adding a transparent PNG renders the HTML transparent.
Adding a colored PNG and Chroma Keying it out renders the HTML transparent.
Adding the HTML to the trackhead does the same for all the above, regardless of the blending mode.

Oddly, when I do any of the transparent tricks. the overlay WILL display in gaps between my clips, but only there.


I’ve not had a problem with transparent clips. You have 3 tracks V1 V2 & V3, are you sure the transparent track is on V4?

Yes, the transparency is on V4. If the source is trasnparent, it renders the HTML transparent also.

I found a workaround, but it’s not ideal:
I rendered a new transparent PNG with a white bar at the bottom where my ticker should be. Now the HTML renders over that white bar just fine.

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