Overlapping text


I would be grateful if someone educate me how to include overlapping text over a video or on an image.
for example, I want one text appear on top left, stay there 30 sec. and on the 20th sec I want another text appear bottom right. In effect, from 20th second onwards there should be two texts visible on the same frame.
I tried but it always get overwritten by each other.
Appreciate your advice on this.

Have 3 tracks:

  • V1 is your video
  • V2 &V3 are transparent “color” clips with the text on them.

See here:

Thanks Elusien.
I got the idea. Its the order of tracks that stacking up…
appreciate your time.

And this is made easier by using Open Other on the toolbar (between Open and Save) followed by choosing Text.

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