Output not matching bitrate settings (cbr, h264)

newest version;

things ive tried:

  • custom video mode (2704x1520, 15 gop, 2 b frame)
  • tried 30, 40, 60, 80+ MB/s
  • 1440p hero7 black source, 1440p export setting
  • ~4 minute video
  • tried hardware accel and off
  • tried paralel processing and off

end result is 20-30MB/s max.

if i export a smaller clip size, less transitions/etc then it works and locks to say 60MB/s.

see this video, the fog areas are brutally pixelated.
The mp4 from shotcut is like this, NOT YOUTUBE PROCESSING

any suggestions or is this a bug?

I have never had this issue in previous versions, always use the same export settings.
I only upload session 5 2.7k30, or hero7 black 2.7k30. 40-60MB/s

here is another encode, same settings, yet its magically more clear…
the export file and the youtube upload. but still not great.
there arent many effects in these videos, i dont get it.

You should post a screenshot of Export > Advanced > Codec or the top of the export job XML containing the <profile> and <consumer> lines. If you want to go higher, then I suggest to use Quality-based VBR and set quality % high but not higher than 95. You can also set GOP and/or B-frames to 0. If you really want to continue using average bitrate, then you should enable Dual pass. Also, in the Other tab you can change preset=fast to preset=medium or preset=slow to get better quality in challenging scenes like this.

i will try your suggestions regarding the text inputs

its gotta be something with the system’s hardware, shotcut is doing something depending on the system.

tried a few different systems, same export settings, 3 different results!!

Of course, it is because you have hardware encoder turned on. Even h264_amf is going to be different from one card+driver-version to another. Hardware encoding is known to have bandwidth caps in these rate control settings. Use software if you want predictable results. Lastly, CBR makes very little sense to use with YouTube, and it is probably the least well-supported rate control method on hardware.


makes more sense now.

do you suggest vbr or average?

thank you

actually im not convinced still.

so the original 2 videos were CBR, i understand now that is bad.

these videos are all constrained VBR and Quality based VBR.

they still dont look great, the field about 15ft ahead of the drone is pixelated/blurred.

any suggestions? i really feel this is still a bug or something im doing wrong.

video title = setting

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