Outer Stroke

Hey, is there a way to add an outer stroke effect in Shotcut? Like a sticker, I’m trying to make an animated gifs for WhatsApp and I don’t know how to do it.

This is an example of an unofficial third party Transparent Background WhatsApp GIF with an Outer Stroke (the white lines). This one was edited frame by frame on photoshop and I would like to know to do it in one (or more) click(s)

Outer stroke can be done. Video has to have a white, or very light background.

Needs a few clicks and filters.

Outer Stroke


Cool! :+1:

:tophat: Chapeau Monsieur !

Do you mind telling the few clicks and filter?
If you can, it would be greatly appreciated!
I’m really sorry as I’m just a beginner

First you need a video that has a white background or black background.

I trimmed the video in the source viewer. Put it on the timeline.

Added a threshold filter. with invert checked. Adjusted the level to make the subject totally white and the background black.

Added a crop circle filter, set the radius to 35%. Added a size and position filter above the crop circle. Positioned the subject in the circle.

Exported that clip from the timeline.

Disabled the Threshold filter on the original video.

Opened the exported clip, put it on a track above the original video.


Added a Chroma Key simple filter, keyed out the white, a Blur:Low Pass filter set to 48%, a Levels filter with Input White set to 0.1, a Color Grading filter to make the background green.

Exported the video using the gif preset.


Thank you so much Sauron for helping me (a beginner that knows nothing about editing) and the community to learn how to add an outer stroke effect. Thanks for the time you put to help, and I’m sorry if there’s anything wrong with how I ask my question.

Greatly appreciated,

-Alien Sukuluskus

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