Outdoor Gardens and Exhibits at the San Antonio Botanical Gardens - 360 Ewan -

Latest 360 Video Walking Tour - This time of the San Antonio Botanical Garden’s Outdoor Gardens and Exhibits.

Shot with an Insta360 One X, and Edited with Shotcut.

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Nice! Those colours are vivid. Just wondering if you applied some saturation?

No saturation, but I did apply the LUT for the camera and I’m sure that adds a little additional color.

Interesting. The colours are really bright - looks great!

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Nice video, man! This garden looks just perfect. I wonder, how did they made it look so good. I always have a trouble with cutting grass and stuff. One of my friends told me to buy a lawn edger, and even shared with me a review of tools for cutting tall grass. Now I’m thinking: makes it worth it? Maybe it’s easier to hire someone, who will do this stuff for me? I don’t know a thing about those edgers because I never used them. According to review using it is easy. Maybe you know something about it?

The review I was talking about:

Very nice! It turned out a lot better than the Alamo video.

A polarizing filter on your camera might bring out the colors even more.

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