Order of tracks flipped mid editing

I have 3 tracks: from top to bottom—v1, v2 and Main.

Main contains the video while both v1 & v2 contains .png images that I’ve overlayed ontop of the video.

While in the middle of editing, I’ve noticed that the images on v1 & v2 suddenly became hidden. I’ve tried reopening the .mlt file I was working on and to my surprise the order of the tracks have flipped: Main became the top track, v1 became the bottom track, and v2 remained in the middle—which explains the overlayed images becoming hidden.

Does shotcut have a hot/shortcut key that does this, which I may have unwittingly pressed?

Note: Prior to reopening the mlt file the order of the tracks was—from top to bottom—v1, v2 and Main

Hi, Shotcut works so that V1(at the bottom) is the main track. If you want to overlay pngs over you main track, use higher tracks. A video playing on V2 will obscure what’s on V1.

Some editors (eg Movie Edit Pro) work the other way round. Just get used to working from the bottom upwards and you’ll be fine!

Yes, I am aware that the tracks behave similarly to the layers of a photo editor.

What I was trying to say, initially the order of the tracks was—from top to bottom—v1, v2 & Main. Mid editing it flipped: it changed to—from top to bottom—Main, v2 and v1; However, the change in order of tracks didn’t reflect in the timeline panel prior to reopening the mlt file.

My question is, is there a hot/shortcut key that I could have unwittingly pressed that does this change? Or could this be a bug?

No, in fact re-ordering tracks is a frequently requested feature that is not yet available. I have no idea how it happened.

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