Order of Filters

Bentacular wrote in a post,
“Absolutely! You can layer the same filters, but be careful. The order of filters matters.”

will someone elaborate on that order,or direct me to a tutorial?

thank you.!!

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Super small mini tutorial right here. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Ok, not a tutorial, but maybe you can see the difference.

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Easy enough thank you,ok couple more questions and than I’m done for the day .LOL
Having used LUTs in Adobe CC I’m used to being able to adjust the intensity of each LUT on an individual basis, is there no way to do that in SC? Also, after I apply a LUT the clips don’t run smoothly,
real jerky,

thanks again,

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Not currently available in Shotcut.

It’s processing lag like any other filter. Proxy mode and preview scaling are the usual fixes.

Thank you!!

Download my LUTs specifically made for Shotcut. as for the jerkiness, us this technique to smoothen it:

Thank you!!


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