Optimize Export settings for YouTube

Hey guys,

I am currently working on my Youtube channel and finding a way to optimize the quality of my videos. I have uploaded a video already, which I recorded with a DSLR (Sony Alpha 58). However, after rendering it lost a lot of quality. I have tried just to increase the quality percentage to 100% under the Codec tab, but the export was very laggy and had some screen bugs like black dots and the sound was not aligned with the video. The other settings I have used are the following:

Resolution: 1920 x 1080
Aspect ratio: 16:9
FPS: 30
Scan mode: Progressive
Field order: None
Deinterlace: YADIF temporal + spatial
Interpolation: Bilinear (good)
Checked Parallel Processing

Codec: libx264
Rate control: Quality-based VBR
Quality: 100%
GOP: 15
B frames: 2
Codec threads: 0

Sample rate: 48000 Hz
Codec: aac
Rate control: average bit rate
Bit rate: 384k


I would be forever grateful for anyone who can render my video as lossless in quality as possible.

Thank you!

You should give us original clips properties to see if it can be a frame rate issue or something like that.

The last words made me think that your computer was not enought powerfull at the moment you exported…

Resolution: 1920x1080
Data rate: 22248 kbit/s
Total bit rate: 22504 k bit/s
Frames per second: 25

Bitrate: 256 k bit/s
Sample rate: 48000 Hz

You should start by exporting at 25 FPS instead of 30.

For the Rate control (quality) see here for some more info :


Maybe you need 2 pass encode.
Fixing 100% isn’t usefull here I think

Remember, YouTube will re encode your video if it doesn’t match their requirements. Try using the YouTube preset in Shotcut.