Optical/Auditory Illusion? Have you experienced this?

When I sync cuts to music, I will watch the finished video and find that I feel the sync is not correct. I watch it again then it looks right. I make the sync perfect (so I feel at the time) then the next day I feel it’s wrong. I rewind it and it looks ok. lol. Has this happened to you? Am I just getting in way too deep adjusting cuts by a frame or two? I’m sure I’m not as a few frames can make a big difference but I’m perplexed as to why my perception of what is the perfect frame to cut on for syncing seems to change so easily.

This happens because you work for hours to make that project good according to you, but you don’t notice some of the problems because you’re not fresh. But the next day you wake up, you have a fresh and stable mind, which can handle the tasks more efficiently than a tired mind.

I don’t doubt that. Had a lot of problems with this project and it’s taken WAY too long to complete. Thanks.

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