Opposite of lift

I can’t seem to find out how to do the following.

I would like to do the opposite of lift. With lift, I can remove a clip from a timeline without affecting any of the clips to the right of it. That is, the clips to the right of the clip that I lifted do not shift. They stay where they are.

I would like to insert a clip into a timeline without affecting the positions of the any of the clips to the right of newly inserted clip. As long as there is an empty space, I’d like to insert it there, and the clips to the right don’t shift at all.

So, the opposite of lift, can I call it drop??

Today, you can use Overwrite but it may overwrite clips following the empty space. Open the clip in the Source player and trim it before adding it to the Timeline. You can use drag-n-drop with the Ripple mode OFF, shortcut B, or the V icon in the Timeline toolbar.

In the next version (beta comes out tomorrow), you can right-click the blank space, and choose Replace to use footage that is in the Source player’s in footage to fill the space.

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