Opening videos with multiple audio tracks

Hi, I create videos with multiple audio tracks in OBS: one track contains the microphone, one track contains desktop audio and one track contains both combined. This way I have all options to apply filters or cutting one track if the recording isn’t perfect.

It would be very useful if shotcut automatically opened all tracks of a file, so I can edit them directly. At the moment it opens only the first one and I have to manually create additional audio tracks in shotcut, select the track number from the video properties and copy the track into the new one.

That takes quite some time; I found it to be simpler (and quicker) to use mkvtoolnix to extract all tracks from the original video file and just drag and drop them into shotcut. But that takes twice the space for the audio data on disk.

I have seen a couple of google hits for the question how to open multiple audio tracks of one video in shotcut but it seems nobody requested it as a feature so far.

Currently I am using shotcut 24.06.29