Opening .mlt projects in other editors

I think I already know the answer to this one, but thought I’d check anyway. MLT is an open format shared by a number of different applications so how feasible would it be to, for example, open a project created with Shotcut in Kdenlive?

It’s technically possible although not perfect. better support is on the roadmap currently as both item 4 for import and a quick task for export.

Interesting, I didn’t realise it was that high up the list. I’d imagine it’s a tall order to interpret a project file created in another editor considering they can go about the same tasks in such different ways, while some options will be available in one editor and not the other.

I opened a kdenlive, 4k project into Shotcut. Did a bit of housekeeping, ie appending it to the time line and deleting the end blank bit, before exporting. With the hardware encoder/accelerator I got a 4k 14m video rendered in 90 minutes.

He’s the video:


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