Opening MLT file 'upsets' Text

Hello. I am new to Shotcut and would appreciate help with this problem.

If I: Open Other > choose Text > write “Mathematics” > position the text box where I want it > and drag the text box to the play list, then I have the screen in the 1st photo.
If I then go to: File > Open MLT XML as clip > choose an existing MLT file > drag the MLT file to the play list > click on the transparent Text file > then I have the screen in the 2nd photo: opening the MLT file has changed the textbox.

With this simple example, I could avoid the problem by opening the MLT file 1st and creating the Text 2nd. But this is a much simplified example of what I am trying to do, and, with my project it would be very helpful if I could “Open a MLT file as clip” when I already have several Text boxes in the project. Is this possible, without ‘upsetting’ the Texts?

This is because you are using automatic video mode. Set your video mode to the same as what your MLT XML clip is using.

Thank you for pointing me towards the video mode.
I have had a quick look and everything seems to be set to auto. How can I see what video mode the MLT XML clip is in?

Open the MLT XML as a project. If Settings > Video Mode still shows Automatic, then it is using an unknown video mode. Choose Settings > Video Mode > Custom > Add… Now you can see details as well as save this video mode with a name that you can use in the new containing project. Alternatively, you can choose one of the supplied standard video modes that is very close to yours and save your MLT XML file to convert it to that mode.

Thank you again, Dan. That is very helpful. I will work on it tomorrow, but I can already see it’s going to work!

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