Opening a video at a specific time

I’ve been building a simple sports highlight DB that currently in which a user can select a highlight clip entry and hit a View button that uses a shell cmd to call the VLC player and passes both a starttime and clip length parameters…VLC opens and plays the clip from the intended start point and the correct duration. Based on feedback, I would like to help the clipping process go faster so am looking to integrate Shotcut.
I found that I can call ShotCut and open a file via a command call like:
C:\Program Files\Shotcut\shotcut.exe “C:\Video\Surf Lessons-Tom.MP4”
Is there any “start time”, or some similar parameter/argument, that can bee added on?
ex. C:\Program Files\Shotcut\shotcut.exe “C:\Video\Surf Lessons-Tom.MP4” -start-time=395

No, but you can generate a MLT XML file, and pass that on the command line even if it is only a clip.
Here is a minimal XML that will work:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <producer id="producer0" in="00:00:10.000" out="00:01:37.571">
    <property name="resource">00108.MTS</property>

This example, sets the in point to 10 seconds. The out point is the clip duration minus one frame. Playback does not start at the in-point, however, and there is no way to make it do that. But, the user can easily seek to that.

Thank you for the feedback. I’ll play with this.


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