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Hi guys,

I notice that you have already a bunch of audio effects, but sometimes, you could need some deeper work on the audio.
For instance, there is no audio noise removal plugin which is THE main need one could have when doing some youtube videos.
At the moment, the workflow is the following:

  1. detach audio from the video
  2. export audio to a .wav file
  3. open the file with audacity
  4. select a portion of the audio with only background noise, run Noise Reduction effect and press “Get Noise Profile”
  5. Select all and run again the Noise Reduction Effect, clicking this time on Ok.
  6. Export the file in .way format
  7. Import the file into Shotcut and replace the old audio by the new one.

This works fantastically, I can eliminate entirely the background noise.

BUT this would be SO much better to have an “edit with” followed by the software (like audacity) on audio files. Doing this, it would open audacity and load automatically the file in it, then clicking on save would automatically apply the changes into ShotCut.

thank you for reading!


In Audacity, you can drag a video onto a track. Audacity imports the audio and saves you the extra step of separating the audio from the video and exporting it as a WAV file.
To do this you have to install the FFmpeg import library from the preferences menu in Audacity.

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Thank you very much for your reply. Yes, actually doing some research, I realised it. But still, this is not a very nice workflow compared with the possibility to edit an audio file directly from ShotCut. Having this possibility would considerably extend the audio capabilities of the software with a very minimal programming effort (I’m a developer myself, but not a QT one :wink: ). This would also solve the possibility to use VST effects for instance.
The “open with” is quite a nice way to workaround limitations without reinventing the wheel, and without having to use complex workflow. :wink:

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Ohh ohhh :star_struck:, including VST effects would be great but there is a roadmap with preferential tasks.

My explanation about the import was only to inform that possibility in Audacity. :slightly_smiling_face:

And this is why I think having an “open with” button would be extremely easy to add and would also solve this lack of VST effects. :wink:

Thanks for the link to the roadmap. I think my suggestion would fit perfectly the “Quick task to do”.

Somewhat unrelated, I’ve had a tough time installing ffmpeg to my Windows 10 machine.

Once the executable is installed, open Audacity.
Select the “Edit”-“Preferences-Libraries” menu.
If all goes well, Audacity will automatically locate the FFmpeg library. If this doesn’t happen, you can locate it manually by looking for the path where you installed the executable.
The LAME MP3 library is an internal library so there is no need to install it separately.
There is an option to download the file from the library menu in Audacity.

TO DOWNLOAD Lame and FFmpeg for Windows

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Thanks; I’ll take a look at it.

These steps are needless.
You can drag’n drop the whole video into the open Audacity! :slight_smile:

Worked perfectly, thanks so much. For some reason I’d been trying to install it manually before.

Great that you made it. :+1:

Except that I just tried, and if I can open successfully the .mp4, I don’t have any option to export it in mp4 as well with keeping the video. Or, am I missing something?

So at the end, yeah, cool, I don’t have to detach the audio from the video, but because I need to reattach it later in shotcut, this is nearly more convenient to detach it first in ShotCut, because at the end, I’ll have to detach it all the same, to delete the old audio and replace it with the new audio.

So, definitively, an option like “open with” audacity which would detach the audio automatically, open it, then offer the option to just press the save button to have audio updated in ShotCut would be a life changer. The other option of course would be to have most of the effects audacity has, beginning with the noise removal, But I’ve read that noise removal is already in the roadmap.

No, you’re not missing anything. You can’t export a video from Audacity.
Your proposal is good, but the workflow can be simplified by avoiding unnecessary steps (like separating the audio and exporting it).
After editing the audio in Audacity (or in any external audio editor (for example a DAW) you export an audio file and continue working with it in Shotcut.
Also you don’t need to separate the audio from the video track, just mute the audio in that track. You add a new audio track where you will import the externally edited audio.
If necessary, keeping the original audio track in the video track can be useful to help synchronize by displaying the waveform. :slightly_smiling_face:

Exactly that is what I wanted to express with this, - thanks @ejmillan! :slight_smile:

By the way:
Ever tried to drag’n drop a MIDI file into the open Audacity? :slight_smile:

Recently, I learned that my workflow in my idle task at Rocksmith could be greatly improved by using MIDI files. I’m ignorant about all this so I’m starting on this now.
Some time ago I discovered that I could open some VSTs in Audacity, but, although I’m delighted with Audacity, the real-time processing of VSTs I don’t see how I can do it (I don’t think it’s possible). I didn’t even think about MIDI in Audacity, because during the confinement I ran into Reaper DAW and found many utilities (maybe not musical) for me, so Audacity is now in the background.
An example: Synchronization of dialogs of Spanish dubbed movies (SD video quality and sound with noise) with dialogs of movies in original English version (5.1 audio and HD video), since I can see the video inside Reaper.
So MIDI is my pending task (one of many).
I will try that MIDI stuff in Audacity soon. Thank you.

I dragged the MIDI file and it seems that the edition is limited to cut and paste.

Yes, that’s what I only figured out yet.