Open Other/Color Adds Extra "FF"

Weird bug that I haven’t noticed before. I want to change the background color behind a picture slideshow. So I click “Open Other” then “Color.” I select the color (should be #FF6652). However, the program automatically adds an extra FF at the beginning of the code…so it looks like #FFFF6652. Clicking “Okay” causes the program to glitch out and stop responding. And for some reason I can’t just type the color code into the bar.

Any ideas how to fix this?

The “FF” at the beginning is automatically added by Shotcut. It is the alpha-channel (opacity) that is set to 255 (FF) by default in the color-widget. FF means a solid colour, 00 means completely transparent.

If you want to change the color you have to click on the “Color…” button and input the new color you want.

I’ve no idea why your system stopped responding though.

Hi @Ben_Klayer, I just tried opening a colour clip with your colour. Yes, it added the FFs but I had no problem importing it onto the timeline, so it’s not a problem with the colour name. Can’t help further though…

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