"Open MLT as Clip" odd behavior (can't drag from preview)

I use a few “mini projects” as special effects (overlays, etc.). To use them, I “Open MTL XML as clip” and then add to the timeline. This has worked time and time again.

Today, I do the same, but the clip is “Non Seekable”, so when I try to drag the clip to the timeline, I can’t because of it.

I tried to use the “overwrite” chevron above the timeline instead and it DID add the clip (once), but the naming was all “C:% …” (rather than the actual name of the clip (e.g. “circle.mlt”) … and Shotcut immediately crashed thereafter. Attempting to recreate this, I not get a “You cannot add a non-seekable source”.

Did a recent update change/break this? Has anyone dealt with this? … any idea what else might be causing this?

(I’m on Win 10 and Shotcut version 22.10.25)

Does this now happen on all of your “mini projects”, or just this one?

Does this now happen on all of your “mini projects”, or just this one?

Just tried it with another … same behavior (so apparently not confined to a single “mini project”).

But you gave me an idea: I also open an older project (that has already a “mini project” imbedded & is working flawlessly). Here the MLT does NOT open as “non-seekable”, which leads me to believe the problem is with my current video project.

… but what might be causing this and how might I fix it? (why would something all the sudden open as “non-seekable”? … I HAVE close the project, closed ShotCut, etc., but non of that makes a difference.)

Known bug in that version. Latest version available has fix.

Well … that got me excited - so I immediately updated to version 22.12.21 (for some reason I thought I was on the latest version) …

… unfortunately, that did not fix the problem … the behavior is still the same. :confused:

The bug fix was specifically about this, which after saved made it missing/unlinked upon reopening.
I also experienced the non-seekable part. I guess that is also a recent bug that is not fixed. However, there is a simple workaround: instead of using File menu, from an external Explorer window drag the .mlt file to the Playlist or Timeline of an existing project.

Interesting suggesting … I didn’t know that could work as well. (thank you for pointing that out)

While that DID allow me to add the mlt as a clip to the project (yeah!), it simultaneously seems to mess with pretty much EVERY filter in the project as well. (not yeah)

Clips that do not have a filter applied appear to be unfazed, but everything else now is massively zoomed in, cropped differently, etc. … why on earth would THAT all the sudden be? :astonished:

(… and any idea how to prevent that from happening?)

Your Video Modes between the two projects do not match. Nested projects use the video mode of the parent project, and there is no auto-magical adjustment. You can either correct that in one of them (and adjust things accordingly), or you should export the sub-project to an intermediate video file and use that instead.

Okay … that is REALLY helpful information (good to know - it explains a lot of other challenges I have faced) … thank you.

I went ahead and rebuilt the (formerly 1080p) mlt “mini project” as 4k (2160p) to match the new project(s). Et voila … that seems to have done the trick. :slightly_smiling_face:

do the fps matter as well or just the resolution? (I have them both @ 30 fps right now, but it would be helpful to understand how this might turn into a new problem if had a project w a diff framerate.

But now a new problem cropped up: Since Shotcut crashed earlier, I get “missing files” when I open the project - I can remap them and save the project, but when I reopen the repaired project, it forgot and I have to map everything again … and again … and again. (why wouldn’t the new xml file store the info?)

And - just happened - when I drop new assets into the playlist, Shotcut immediately crashes … (sigh) :cry:

(Should I revert back to the older version …?)

*edit: … uhm - even more problematic: The same appears to be true for ANY project now.

To test this, I just created a new (empty) project and tried to drag a file into the playlist … Shotcut crashes (wheels keeps spinning indefinitely w/o anything happening - only way out is to force close SC)

**update: After rebooting the system serval times, going back and forth between versions (22.10.25 & 22.12.21), and applying a Win 10 update, I finally figured out what the problem was … and it had nothing to do with any of the above.

… I had named several files with a “%” - and Shotcut doesn’t like that … most of the time (every now it then it worked - which is probably why I didn’t pick up on it earlier. :wink:

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