Open files wont drag into playlist

Hi, I am new to shotcut but experienced in kdenlive and premier pro.

My issue is I start a new project, click ‘open file’ select a group or a single file I want and drag it to the playlist. But there is an icon stating I cant do this. (its like a circle with a diagonal line through it, doesn’t show on a screen shot. sorry)

However if I double click the file, it appears in the player itself. I can then drag it from the player into the playlist. If I want a group of mixed files, ie mp4’s and jpg’s to do this for every file would be extremely tedious.

I am sure I am doing something wrong. Can anyone help please.

Don’t drag/drop from the OS file manager window to Shotcut.
You can just select all of the clips you want, then open all at once.
They will load into the playlist automatically.

Without hitting Open File, you can just transfer files from the OS file manager to Shotcut’s playlist.

Shotcut 20.10.31

Thanks a million. I knew it had to be something simple.

Tried both ways and it worked a treat.


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