Opacity not working

Howdy Y’all, I’ve been doing some editing with Shotcut and after making a video or two I’ve realized that the version I’m using doesn’t seem to change the opacity of images.
When I use the fade out filter, or fade out images in the timeline, rather than making the image entirely transparent ,it fades to black. This is kind of annoying, as I use a lot of PNGs. But, the opacity does seem to function when I use the crossfade feature.

I haven’t really explained it super well but here’s a video showing what I’m talking about using my not so good phone camera

Has anyone else experienced this before? If so do you know a way to fix it? Is this a bug; has it been fixed in the latest version?

Im using windows 10 and the May version of Shotcut if that helps

In the fade out filter did you tick the box saying “Adjust opacity instead of fade with black”?

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