Opacity filter and fade with opacity strangely not working

All suddenly with one clip opacity change is not happening. Not with fade out video nor wiht opacity filter and keyframes. Cannot reproduce with simple test case and has worked in this project for many other spots normally. Something I have accidentally clicked somewhere or hard to reproduce bug? How to get it working…? Saving-closing-reopening not helping and in export I get the same result so not happening.

Fade to black works. Also at the beginning of clip GOPR0015 it somehow overrides the clip above it despite being on lower track.

Cannot find anything lokign relevant on track or clip properties etc.

What are the filters used on the heads of the tracks?

I notice that you have filters applied to the track as well as the clip. Are you sure there is not something on the track filter(s) that is overiding the clip filter?

Nothing that would seem suspicios, and basically all my tracks have color grading etc there (one track per camera and angle). And all other about 100 opacity changes work so far. Weird.

All other tracks have this, but the “gopro hallissa” track that seems to be the problem does not have such setting at all, properties empty

Yes. The lack of “blend mode” setting existence is connected. Created a new track (which has blend mode setting existing by default) and copied clips and filters over and now things work.

Question is where did blend mode setting disappear, and could I have somehow reset the track and gotten it back? Anyone want to see the mlt?

Yes. In the Properties panel click on that “None” and you’ll get a dropdown list. and you can set it to what you want. You may have done this accidentally to get “None” in the first place.

No, there is no “blend mode” at all for that particular track, so no dropdown.

Did you reorder tracks at some point? Maybe that tripped a bug that made the blend mode disappear. This was fixed somewhere around July. Are you using a recent version of Shotcut?

Yes. Added a new one and moved it to appropriate loaction actually just a bit before this started happening.

But the track where the problem was was “old” from the beginning of project. Footage taken and color grading done in late last summer.

Shotcut version 22.12.21

This was reported below in June and was fixed shortly after that.

You have the option of editing your HTML, but I don’t recommend that. If you do, then make sure you make a copy of it first. I’d stick with what you did already (create a new track and copy the old one to it).

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