Opacity effect layer bug


opacity effect bug
Shotcut version 18.12.23

Opacity effect at 0% applied to top layer (track v2) works correctly only if there is an active asset on the layer below it (track v1) .

If there is a “gap” or space on track v1 , or track v1 visibility is disabled, the asset on track v2 is still visible at 0% opacity. (You would expect it to be not visible, “black”, or “transparent” if working in RGBA)


The opacity filter behaves the same on other tracks as well. This is not a bug but the way it works. If there is nothing on the track below then opacity stays at 100% since there is nothing to composite with.
It works the same way with Kdenlive.


Thanks for the explanation, Sauron. That explains a lot of little mysteries, it’s good to know.


Thanks for the info . Not a big deal; it just works differently in other programs ( except Kdenlive, I guess) . You can place a layer below or work around it if you needed to