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Hello everyone,
So I have a question. I have a clip that I just want to edit the audio. Basically add blips in curse words and stuff and I want to leave the video untouched.
Is there a way to only render the audio and just leave the video as is? Basically the equivalent of -c:v copy in ffmpeg.
Is it possible?
Thanks for the help.

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Welcome @Insignia to the Shotcut forum.

Yes, there is a way to edit just the audio, and leave the video untouched.

Drag and drop the video from the playlist to the timeline.

Right click on the video, click more options, and select detach audio. Now, lock the video track by clicking on the lock icon on the track view. Click on the Audio track below, and edit it as you want.

Thank you.

Hi, Somenath_Garai thank you for your answer.
However, I think you might have misread my question.
I want to know if there is a way to render just the audio and keep the video as is without re-encoding.
I am not talking about editing.
Basically, I want to know how to export it after the steps you mentioned without going through the gruelling procedure of re-encoding the video again for no reason since I have not edited it.
Thank you again for your time.

Can’t be done. A Shotcut export is always an encoding task, not a codec copy task.

However, you’re familiar with ffmpeg, so there is an alternative.

Bring the video into Shotcut. Edit your audio as you intended. Export the audio from Shotcut. (There are audio-only presets, or you can cook your own.) Then we can effectively swap audio tracks with ffmpeg:

ffmpeg -i Original.mp4 -i AudioOnly.aac -map 0:V -map 1:a -codec copy AudioSwap.mp4

Thank you.
I was hoping it could be done just with Shotcut because this was intended for someone who is not very good with computers but I guess I will have to teach her.

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