Online video editing tool


Maybe here someone can help me.
I would like to have an online toold build where a user can upload a video and then software can select and merge sections of it with a graphical interface.
These sections then need to me merged and highly compressed for filesize.
Probably a cloud tool on AWS (Amazon Web Services)
In order to find a programmer I need to have some idea what language and kind of server it will need to be build in.
FFmpeg might be the method of grabbing sections of the video and compressing. (lowering the bitrate)
Some graphical interface needs to be build to let users select what sections to merge.
Anyone here maybe who can help me what coding language and roughly how that tool would have to be programmed?
I would be very greatfull.

There are probably a thousand ways to do what you’re wanting. Almost any language can use FFmpeg to accomplish this task. What you need now is to nail down specifics with a web programmer that you contract through or TopTal or some other talent agency. There isn’t anything more we can offer you here. This forum is for a distinctly offline video editing tool called Shotcut.

Hi Austin,

Okay thank you.
I will find a developer that can help me build it.

Have a nice day.

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