Online source for custom transitions in pgm format

Where can I find a selection of custom transitions to use with Shotcut? Thanks! --Jeff

Is not the 24 included enough?
What exactly are you looking for?

Hi Steve,
The transitions in Shotcut are more than enough. But, I just got a mailing from VidioHive with 1000’s of
transitions and asked the creator if they would work in Shotcut. He said yes, but I don’t know what format restrictions that Shotcut has. They are “matte” transitions. If I find an unusual transition – I wanted to know how to download? --Jeff

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If he said ‘Yes’ then I’d assume he has tested them in SC.
You could try copying some into shotcut’s \lumas\PAL or \lumas\NTSC folder and see if they show up in the list…

Hello, Eventors! Any success in using AfterEffects transitions in Shotcut?

I’ve found a library of pgm transitions