Online-help for filters?

Hi all,
using filters i sometimes find it very hard to find one for a particular problem. The names of the filters sometimes do not tell what they are really good for. Especially, as I’m working with the german language version of shotcut, it’s even hard to google for it as I do not know the english translation.

Therefor it would be very helpful to have an online-help available for the filters (such as a “?” right of the filter names in the selection menu). If pressed, a popup should appear which shows what the filter is basically doing.

I guess such a help does not exist currently. Would it be an idea for a feature request?

Thanks a lot,

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There is one currently in construction :

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Thanks for pointing out the documentation section, but this is not the same “online” he refers to. He suggests to have some descriptions in the user interface. These will also likely be translated sooner than the documentation. It is already on the Road Map.


Hello @Thomas_Arand,

maybe you do not know my German tutorial series for SC yet?
In some episodes I also explain filters and their practical implementation.

I plan to discuss several filters and their functions later on, because the German translation of some of them is not quite correct.

But have a look at my already existing tutorials:

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