One scale morph to the next

Hi- My 1st Question! [I’ve looked at help videos w/no luck].

I start with my full screen video.
At .05" in I split it.
The 2nd part is zoomed into a portion of the full screen w/ the Rotate & Scale filter at scale=214%, y offset at -158.

I want the initial default scale to gradually morph to match the settings of the 2nd part at .05".

I’m not sure what you call this action.

I tried ‘slow zoom’ filter which did not know what to morph to and was too slow. The transitions like fade i/o is not what we want here.

How is this done?

mac/ 10.11. SC 20.02.17

Copy the Rotate and Scale filter from the second part of the video to the first part.
Keyframe the Scale and Y offset.


Set the play at the end of the clip and duplicate the key frames Scale 214% Y -158.
Move the playhead to the beginning of the clip. Reset the Scale to 100%, Y to 0.


The first part will transition to the second part.


thank you very much for responding. I was indeed able to get the smooth morph from one zoom/position to another.
It played back perfectly in key frame and in timeline.

However, whenever I exported using the YouTube preset, the video would stop at the point where the animated zoom ended. Audio would continue.
I did it three times with the same result. Any idea why that would be?
Thank you – Peter

I exported using the default preset.
Tried the YT preset today. It worked fine.
Do not know why it didn’t work properly for you.:grimacing:


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