One pass normalize filter between mlt files

I created a project with different mlt files on a track.

As we can see, the sound level is equivalent between the 2 mlt files on the track V2.
I applied the one pass normalize filter on the track with the default options and exported the project.
I imported the result on the track V1.
There is a high gap at the limit of the 2 clips and the sound level increases very quickly and is very disturbing when I listen the result.
It seems that the window size of the filter is not continuous between the 2 clips (which are mlt files).
What should I do to have a stabilized sound level at the transition of the 2 clips in the final video ?

There is a discussion here which is relevant:

The next release will include an option to disable the discontinuity detection.

Some options in the mean-time:

  • Put the filter on the output instead of a track
  • Apply a gain filter on each clip so that their average sound is closer
  • Add a compressor filter in addition to the normalize filter to smooth out transitions

Thanks for your answer

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