One image panel fixed, the other image changing in video

I am trying to keep the image on the left to be on through the whole video, unchanging (about 5 minutes)
The one on the right side I want to fade in fade out with new text being presented (like a flash card)
I would appreciate pointers on how to do this.Thanks

Create a second video track for the other content and use the Size and position filter on both tracks to position the content.

This should help you understand

Thank you Steve, I did look at the video, will help me a lot, especially with the filters
My question here though, is the need for about 12 or so ‘flash cards’ to be inserted sequentially on the right of the fixed image.
Does that mean I will need 13 video tracks?
Or do I mesh these 12 on a long train of video clips? Each ‘card’ pops in and out as the video progresses.
This is what I cannot visualize at this point. It’s obvious I’m new at this game.


Play with it, it’s the only way to learn. Tutorials are good but you’ll never find one that is exactly what you want, just experiment.

Thanks, big help here, for an absolute beginner. Having said that, Shotcut, excuse the pun, is clearly a 'clear shot’
above the other freeware stuff out there. I will definitely play with it, knowing at least a route, I can take now.
Thanks again

Shotcut has a shallower learning curve than most other NLE’s.

I did finish the video, thanks to your help.
Found a few wonky things like total blank screens after exporting, but errors (on my part) were copying the filter properties into a blank spot, instead of into a new image. This is why someone else may have had the same issues.
I am not sure if I can give a link, but let me know if I am allowed. The more it is seen, the better I think.