One audio file stops working during playback

One audio file works the first time and if I move the playhead it stops working, but if I move the playhead to any point in this audio file it continues like I didn’t move it, when it ends I can’t hear this video file again at all.
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Could you provide a screenshot of your entire timeline?
A video demonstrating what’s going on would be very useful.

Also other information would be helpful like

  • Computer specifications
  • Operating system
  • Shotcut version: Click on Help, then About Shotcut
  • Audio settings: Settings > Audio Channels
  • Audio file properties: Click on Audio clip, then Properties

It does not seek properly. You need to use Properties > Convert on it.

Properties > Convert, so easy… Now I feel myself dumb…

Yep, I had the same trouble, but I found it by myself accidentally haha.

Lol, that’s was easy.

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