One application

I was just wondering why do you need one application open for shotcut to work

What exactly are you referring to? I do not understand.
Is it a request for help?
can you document your statement (or comment) for a better understanding of what you mean?

@ejmillan I think he’s referring to the suggestion of closing unnecessary apps to free some RAM.

@RKV_2nd_Kiyingi You need to do this when, like in your case, the computer is bellow or very near the minimum suggested requirements.

With the right settings, Shotcut will work fine on a recent and powerful computer when there are other applications running.

Lately I have to act as a fortune teller in some consultations.
So, in order not to give the impression of leaving a user abandoned, I decided to answer.
Even so, I received no response from the user opening the thread.
Hopefully your answer is what this user needs to know.


We will probably never find out…


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