OMG - you can record keyframes on-the-fly!

Oh My Goodness - I just discovered by accident that you can record keyframes on-the-fly in Shotcut. Just activate keyframes on the SPR filter, then press PLAY and move an image around the preview window.
Shotcut will record the keyframes as you go along.

Is this a new thing, and is it well-known? Apologies if it’s already known to most. The feature had passed me by, if this is the case.

I made this quick demo to show it (no audio). It could be a very useful technique.


I did know that changing parameters on a specific timeline position would create a new key-frame, but have never thought about doing it while playing the video.
Very Nice

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Nor had I! I just found it by accident. I already knew you can split a video on-the-fly whist play is enabled though.

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Hi @TimLau and others… I found that this technique works for other filters with keyframes! So one example is to be able to alter the gain (volume) of a track as you go along (Called “ducking” I believe…).
Particularly useful I think, for adding voiceovers.

In this demo I made I have used a classical music track. I just messed around with the gain control. (Apologies, I went way into the red on one occasion… you may want to prepare your ears…)

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one “problem” with this approach, is that you get a lot of key-frames, so your .mlt file can be bloated.
and it is pretty hard if you want to adjust the key frames.


Agreed. I thought of mentioning that. A technique worth knowing about, though, for some situations.

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