Old mlt Files failed to open

I’ve just recently upgraded my computer, and with that I have new memory. I moved my old mlt files to a usb drive to copy into my upgraded computer. The files changed to pptx, so I tried changing the copied files to mlt. It keeps saying “Failed to open” for both the mlt and pptx files. If these can be fixed, I would gratefully appreciate it.
salad and subs NEW.mlt (7.4 MB)

That is not a MLT XML file. A MLT XML file is a text file you can read in any old text viewer or editor. According to my file magic tool (looks at digital finger prints) it is “Microsoft PowerPoint 2007+”

All I did was change the .pptx to .mlt, so how do I make it a MLT XML file then?

.mlt = MLT XML. You cannot simply rename a file to convert it, and there is no PowerPoint to MLT XML converter. It seems you did something wrong with managing your files.

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I might have, but I know all I did was copy and paste the files before I upgraded my pc. I have the old hard drive too. I’m sure I can just pull it from there.

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