«Old Film: Projector» filter makes Shotcut crash

What is your operating system? Windows 10

What is your Shotcut version? Happened on V21.06.29 & V21.08.11

Can you repeat the problem? Yes

If so, what are the steps?

  • Create any project
  • Apply a Old Film: Projector filter to Output
  • Set Vertical amount to 0.

Shotcut crashes

Tried a few times with the filter on a clip instead of Output. Shotcut crashed on 1 occasions.

Crashed every time when the filter is on Output.

EDIT: I tried again on Output, cause I need the filter. Crashed also when lowering Vertical amount to 2

FYI: It works fine for me on version 21.03.21.

I can’t seem to get mine to crash on 21.08.11

@PaulusMaximus Did you put the filter on the Output? Makes Shotcut crash every time for me with V21.06.29 & V21.08.11

Maybe I should try with version 21.03.21 :slight_smile:


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Well, for some reason, I can’t reproduce it today, whatever the version I use.

Computer glitch? Maybe. I didn’t reboot my PC since a few days though.
But I don’t give up. Yesterday was not the first time I had this problem with that old projector.

To be continued…

It’d be interesting if anybody else can replicate the crash, or not.

Might be worth a SC reinstall (clean install).

Good luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

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